JETAANC Helps Send Off Students to Japan on JET Memorial Invitation Program

Two current JETAANC officers and a former officer were on hand at the Consulate on July 17 to help honor and send off 32 high school students to Japan for a visit from July 19th to 28th.

The students were selected from across the U.S. for “The Japan Memorial Invitation Program for U.S. High School Students,” organized by the Japan Foundation in memory of JET participants Taylor Anderson and Monty Dickson, who were victims of the March earthquake and tsunami.

It was heartwarming for us to talk to these excited and nervous teenagers. The students we talked to exhibited a sincere interest in Japan, a desire to help in the recovery efforts, and a lot of general energy and enthusiasm. In other words, they were a fine tribute to Taylor and Monty and would be perfect future JETs!

Click here for details about the event, including a link to KTVU video news coverage.