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JETAANC is fortunate to be connected to a highly active network of organizations focused on Japanese culture and US-Japan relations. In addition to regular monthly and annual events, we frequently collaborate with other organizations to sponsor and host events for the Japan-connected community of northern California and Nevada.

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Annual Calendar Overview

There are many opportunities for JETAANC members to volunteer, help coordinate events, and support new JET recruitment and training throughout the year!

Annual Events


  • JETAANC Shinnenkai (New Year) Party



  • Interviews for next JET cohort

  • JETAANC High School Scholarship application opens



  • Cherry Blossom Festival (SF)

  • JETAANC Hanami Party



  • Soy and Tofu Festival (SF)



  • Alumni-Led Orientation (ALO) for new JETs departing from San Francisco


  • Pre-Departure Reception at Consul General’s Residence, followed by JETAANC Happy Hour

  • Obon Festival (SM, SJ)


  • JETAANC leadership team attends JETAA National Convention

  • Osaka Matsuri (SF)

  • Aki Matsuri (SF)

  • JET application opens


  • Welcome Back Reception at Consul General’s Residence, followed by JETAANC Happy Hour



  • JET application deadline


  • JETAANC Bounenkai (Year End) Party

  • Christmas Fried Chicken Karaoke Party

Monthly / Seasonal Events

  • Kabuki Club - 3rd Thursday of the month

  • Yosakoi Workshops

Propose Your Own Event!

JETAANC members are always welcome to propose their own events. Check out the Event Planning Guide to get started.

Already planned an event, or know of an event in your area that the JETAANC community might be interested in? Send us the details to share on social media and in our newsletter at communications|at|!

Event Proposal
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