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For Employers

Hire a JET alum and take advantage of his/her unique set of skills!

Trying to hire a new employee? Why not consider a JET alum? For over 30 years now, employers all over the world have taken advantage of the unique set of skills our alumni offer.

To give you a snapshot, there are almost 3,000 alumni living in Northern California and tens of thousands of alumni across the U.S. They have a wide range of educational and professional backgrounds, representing every field. Our alumni work at every level of every sector of the economy: business, non-profit, education, and government. Recent JETs may be entry-level. Many of our older JET alumni are now senior managers and executives, leaders in their fields.

What all of them have in common is that they lived and worked in Japan. Acting as cultural ambassadors and teachers in Japan gave them the “people” skills needed to build relationships and communicate with a wide range of audiences, from pre-school students to captains of industry. Living in a foreign culture very different from their own has made them able to overcome difficult barriers to get the job done. They are all flexible, able to react to whatever is thrown at them and achieve a successful outcome.

Many of our alumni continue to be involved in international business or exchange. Our alumni are familiar with Japanese “team-oriented” office culture, know Japanese culture intimately, and are experienced in facilitating international relations. Many are proficient in Japanese and other languages. All of them bring a unique and valuable “global” perspective to their jobs.

To share job postings and/or learn more about whether JET alumni might fit your staffing needs, please contact president|at| 

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