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Serving on a JETAANC initiative or the Executive Committee is a great way to use the JET network to help yourself grow personally and professionally. Giving back to Japan through sister city partnerships & community revitalization initiatives, meet and work with your fellow JET alumni through social & career development events, or helping out with JET Program recruiting & onboarding are just some of the ways you can get involved. Impact metrics for an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization also look great on your resume!

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Leadership Opportunities

The Executive Committee (EC) includes the President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. This team manages budgeting, funding, taxes, overall direction of the organization, partnerships, and coordinate the efforts of all other members. EC positions are a two year commitment. Regular elections are held April-May and new officers start their terms in July. 

Area Coordinators includes individuals in charge of a smaller geographic area, such as the Bay Area, South Bay, Monterey Bay, etc. Area Coordinators organize events in their area and also serve  as a local point of contact for new members in the area or those who wish to reconnect. They work closely with the EC to plan, promote, assist with, and attend other activities and events as well. Large or high population density areas may have more than one Area Coordinator. Area Coordinators should already have some experience with JETAANC or another JETAA chapter, but individuals new to the JETAA community will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Event Coordinators serve as leads for specific events or activities. Area Coordinators may also function as Event Coordinators at times, but Event Coordinators by themselves are just involved with the specific event they are running, and do not serve as a main point of contact for their area. This is an ideal role for those who want to be involved and plan / run events, but can’t take on the greater extended time commitment of an Area Coordinator. Event Coordinators’ attendance at the regular EC meetings is optional, except when their event or activity is on the agenda.

Subchapter Leaders coordinate with the EC team to plan, promote, implement, fund, and report on their subchapter activities. Subchapter leadership positions require commitment and proactive communication with the EC. If you want to get involved with your local subchapter’s leadership team contact the JETAANC Vice President or your local Area Coordinator. If you are interested in starting a subchapter, contact the JETAANC Vice President.


Contributors create content (writing, photography, video, graphic design, etc) and resources for JETAANC’s website, blog, newsletter, and social media or may serve as facilitators, speakers, or panelists. This is a great opportunity for creative individuals to get involved and develop content that they want to contribute to the JET community. Contributors’ attendance at the regular EC meetings is optional, except when their project is on the agenda.

Community Outreach & Engagement

In addition to regular leadership roles, there are many ways for members at large to be involved. The following focus areas are great for anyone who would like to take on a special project and contribute in a specific capacity.

Membership - Help increase member engagement, grow membership, and identify member needs and interests to inform programming.

Professional Development - Develop webinars and panel-based discussions to facilitate professional development in specific fields and topics of interest for current and former JETs. Coordinate professional networking events for the JETAANC chapter members. Work with external organizations to facilitate networking events between JET attendees and external organizers / other attendees. Develop and manage mentorship program for JET alumni.

Development & Partnerships - Promote and collect corporate sponsorship, manage member donation campaigns, design and develop new sources of funds (grants, donations, fundraiser events, etc).

Sister City Association Liaison - Support relationship between JETAANC and a local US-Japan sister city or state organizations. Represent JETAANC by attending regular meetings, organizing alumni volunteers, and assisting with their activities (see Sister City Association list).

Peer Organization Liaison - Develop a cooperative relationship between JETAANC and a local Japan-related organization. Represent JETAANC by attending regular meetings, organizing alumni volunteers, and assisting with activities (see list of Japan-connected orgs).

Additional Support & Advisory Roles
  • Finance - Advise on chapter finances, including budgeting, fundraising, donations, payments, and reimbursements.

  • Information Technology (IT) - Help manage IT infrastructure, including our and technology tools, and advise on best practices for data security.

  • Legal Affairs - Help the General Counsel advise the chapter on our 501(c)(3) non-profit status and other legal matters. Ideal members would be a practicing lawyer, law student, paralegal or someone with interest or experience in non-profit legal issues.

Interest Form

Which role(s) interest you?

Please share a little more about your interests and goals. For example: What kinds of events or activities would you like to be involved with? Are there any projects or initiatives you'd like to start? What are you looking to gain from this experience? Do you have any particular skills or experience you would like to use (e.g., Canva, Photoshop, web design, social media management, writing, event planning, web casting, or blogging, etc)?

Thanks for your interest!

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