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JETAANC Scholarship Application

Application Instructions

You will be asked to create a user account when you start your application. This will allow you to save your progress and continue the application later. 

All application question responses and materials MUST BE SUBMITTED BY THE STUDENT. Applications that are completed or materials that are submitted by another individual on behalf of the student, including parents or legal guardians, will not be accepted (except for letters of recommendation, which may be submitted by the letter writer).

Part 1: Personal Information

  • First and Last Name

  • Date of Birth

  • Personal Pronouns

  • Race / Ethnicity / Region(s) of Origin

  • First / Second / Third-Generation Immigrant

Part 2: Contact information

  • Email Address

  • Phone Number

  • Mailing Address

Part 3: Academic Information

  • High School Name

  • High School Website URL

  • Current Cumulative GPA

  • Expected Graduation Date

  • Which institution(s) of higher education have you applied to, been accepted to, or plan to attend?

  • Referral Information: Where did you hear about this scholarship?

Part 4: Household Information

  • Number of people in your household

  • Household's total combined annual income in the previous year

  • Free / reduced-price meal qualification

  • Highest level of education completed by a parent / legal guardian

  • Current housing situation

Part 5: Essay Questions

We suggest typing your responses to the first three questions in a separate document and then copy/pasting them into the application to ensure you have a backup. The fourth question must be uploaded as a separate document.

  1. [Text Entry - 100 Words Max] Motivations: What are your motivations for applying for a scholarship from the JET Alumni Association of Northern California & Nevada? Please share how you see yourself as a good fit.

  2. [Text Entry - No Word Limit] Community Engagement & Service: Describe your extra-curricular activities and how they demonstrate commitment to community engagement and service. 

  3. [Text Entry - No Word Limit] Japan-Related Experience: Describe any connections to Japan and/or any Japan-related experiences or interests.

  4. [Document Upload] Explain the significance of Japanese culture in your life. Describe one or more experiences with Japanese culture, language, or people that have impacted your life thus far. How have these experiences influenced your future plans?​

    Please type your response to the last essay question in a separate document. Your response should be no longer than 2 pages double-spaced with 1-inch margins in 12-point font. Save your document as a PDF (10 MB max) with the filename formatted as Lastname_Firstname_Essay.PDF​

Page 6: Supporting Documents

Please prepare these three documents as PDF files (10 MB max) and save the files using your name in the filename format indicated below.

  • Current official transcript

    • Filename: Lastname_Firstname_Transcript.pdf

  • Two letters of recommendation on school or business letterhead

    • Filenames: Lastname_Firstname_Recommendation-1.pdf and Lastname_Firstname_Recommendation-2.pdf

If the person writing your Letter of Recommendation cannot share it with you, they can email their letter directly to us at scholarship|at| In that case, you can skip the Letter of Recommendation upload items. Please note that new letters of recommendation can be submitted up until the application deadline, but ONLY TWO LETTERS will be considered when evaluating your application.

  • [Optional] Resume

If you have any questions about the application or process, please contact scholarship|at|

Privacy and Confidentiality Notice

JETAANC will make every effort to safeguard all personal information you submit. Once submitted, the information from your application shall only be shared with the Scholarship Selection Committee for review. Your application information shall never be shared with or sold to outside entities. If you are selected as a scholarship awardee, the following information will be shared in a public announcement of results: your name, your school, and essay question response excerpts related to your interests, activities, and goals. No other personal information about scholarship awardees shall be shared. Your name and contact information will be stored securely by JETAANC and may be used only by JETAANC for contacting you in the future for follow-up purposes. 

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