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Volunteer to Interpret for Japanese Living National Treasure, Mansaku in SF?

Interested in volunteering for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to help a Japanese Living National Treasure? The legendary comic Kyogen actor Mansaku Nomura and his troupe are making a rare U.S. appearance on May 10 & 11, as part of the SF International Arts Festival.

Can you help with Japanese-English interpreting duties during Mansaku’s load-in and rehearsal? Volunteers will receive a free pair of tickets to see the performance.

The current tech schedule is: May 9: 8am-9pm (all tech prep. + run-through with super-title) – 4 people; May 10: 4pm-9pm; (incl. performance from 7pm-8:40pm) – 4 people; May 11: 4pm-11pm. (incl. performance from 7pm-8:40pm, + load out) – 4 people.

JET alumni and friends have been given a unique opportunity to help share an amazing aspect of Japanese culture in our community!

If you can help out, please contact: Kyoko Yoshida, Executive Director U.S./Japan Cultural Trade Network, Inc. (CTN) Phone: 415.867.7080

For more information about the performance, visit: JET alumni and friends enter Discount Code “CTN12” for a $4 discount!

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