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2024 JETAANC Summer in the Parks

Connect with JET alumni and friends this summer and enjoy beautiful outdoor spaces in northern California and Nevada!

Events will be scheduled on a rolling basis throughout the summer. Read on to find events, register to join, or propose one of your own.

Review & Register for Upcoming Events

All events are open to JET alumni, Friends of JET, sister city members, and anyone else interested in US-Japan communities in the region.

  • Scheduled events will be listed on our calendar (also embedded below) with an included registration link.

  • Each person 18 years and older attending the event must register separately and complete the liability waiver.

Tips for Planning an Event in Your Area

  • We recommend planning events between Memorial Day (May 27) and Labor Day (September 2). Events may be planned on a weekday afternoon or evening if there's a reasonable expectation people will be able to attend.

  • Events are usually scheduled on a weekend between 10 AM - 4 PM, depending on the activity, location, temperature, etc.

  • Events typically run about 2 hours, but have often had optional "nijikai" -like activities in small groups afterwards, e.g., shopping at a Japanese market, or going out for food, coffee / tea, ice cream, etc.

  • Events may be held concurrently if they aren't close to each other. If an event is already confirmed in your area (~30 min commute) for a particular weekend, we recommend choosing an alternate date.

  • Consider other events happening in your area that could either be incorporated into the gathering, or might make planning more difficult (e.g., local festivals, farmers' markets, etc).

  • Event locations have ranged from recreational parks to beaches to moderate hiking trails.

  • Locations that are accessible by car and public transportation tend to be preferable in more urban areas. For smaller or more rural communities where most people drive anyway, public transportation may not be as critical.

  • Consider the location's accessibility, amenities, potential activities (e.g., hiking, games, sports), food options, etc.

Other Logistics
  • Consider supplies attendees may need to bring, e.g., sports equipment, board games, food, water, appropriate clothing, etc.

  • Consider whether the event will be good for kids, and if so, what ages would be appropriate. For example, a 1-hour hike might be difficult for smaller children.

  • We recommend researching the location's alcohol policy as well. Some parks may not allow alcohol at all, others may have certain BYOB policies or restrictions.

  • Please note that all attendees are asked to sign a liability waiver to acknowledge they are fully responsible for their own health, safety, and property, as well as their own actions while participating in the event.

  • Entrance fees, parking, and any optional on-site rental fees or activity costs are the responsibility of individual attendees.

  • JETAANC will reimburse the event organizers up to $50 for supplies, snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages (receipts required). Instructions for submitting receipts and receiving your reimbursement will be shared after the event has been approved.

How to Propose an Event

Click on the event card to view the event's details and status (e.g., proposed, under review, or approved).

Tip: Click on the linked heading above or scroll to the bottom of the frame and click "view larger version" in the bottom-right corner to open the table in a new window.

Next Steps
  • If you are interested in organizing a Summer in the Parks event in your area, please complete the proposal form at least 2 weeks in advance of your event (one month in advance is ideal).

  • JETAANC will review your proposal and contact you to confirm any details.

  • Once event proposals are reviewed and all details are confirmed, the event will be added to the event calendar and a registration form will become available.

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