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SF JETs club is celebrating its 25th Anniversary

SF Japanese-English Toastmasters (SF JETs) club is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Press release below:

Announcing: 25th Anniversary of San Francisco Japanese-English Toastmasters This year marks the 25th anniversary of the founding of the San Francisco Japanese-English Toastmasters (JETs) club, the first of its kind in the United States. JETs offers a fun and supportive way to practice public speaking, communication and leadership skills in both English and Japanese. Founded in 1988, JETs is a local chapter of Toastmasters International. JETs is a diverse club and members come from all walks of life. Membership includes business people, students, teachers, artists, photographers, lawyers and other professions. The youngest member of JETs is 19 and the most senior member is 70 years old. Due to the diversity of the club, speeches and discussions cover a wide range of interesting topics. The club is pretty evenly split between both native English and native Japanese speakers who help each other improve their communication skills. There are no specific requirements to join JETs, and potential members don’t need to be fluent in both English and Japanese, however they should feel comfortable communicating in both languages. Members have an opportunity to improve their public speaking skills, share humorous stories, develop evaluation skills, practice “thinking on your feet” as well as participate in many social events that take place throughout the year. JETs also provides an excellent opportunity to network with people who have common interests and backgrounds. People interested in learning more about JETs are encouraged to observe a meeting as a guest. JETs meets the first three Fridays of the month from 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM at the San Francisco Japan Society (500 Washington Street 3rd floor). As a guest you can observe the meeting and also join the post-meeting nijikai (“second party”) at a nearby restaurant with club members. More information on JETs can be found at Also people interested in JETs can join the JETs Facebook group and the JETs Linkedin group.

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