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Resounding Compassion: A Concert for Peace, featuring Judith Kajiwara – 6/4

A performance event this Monday that some of you may be interested in. The event features Judith Kajiwara's Butoh dance piece, "The Black Mound," commissioned by JETAANC! Those of you who witnessed the piece's debut in May as part of JETAANC Kabuki Club's "Black Mound Project" can attest to the piece's intense power, mystery, and beauty. Kajiwara's dance traces the journey of a suffering woman whose feelings of hate transform her into a terrible monster. Nevertheless, she realizes that salvation is still possible despite what she's done wrong.

The concert benefits restoration of Shinryu-in Temple in Japan (damaged on 3-11) and San Francisco Zen Center’s Beginner’s Mind Temple. In addition to Kajiwara's piece, the concert will premiere original works by Shinji Eshima, a double-bassist in the SF Ballet and SF Opera Orchestras, and will feature Pascal Molat, a principal dancer with the SF Ballet, who will sound a peace bell created from bullets and artillery by artist Al Farrow. The performance will incorporate a reading of A Peace Benediction, a new poem by Jane Hirshfield. There will be music by Bach and Mozart, a dance performance by Brenda Wong Aoki, and chanting by monks from San Francisco Zen Center.

Resounding Compassion: A Concert for Peace

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