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Relief Volunteer Opportunities

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

We’ve gotten a few questions about how alumni can actually help out “on the ground.” Here are some possibilities:

Volunteer to Interpret There is an opportunity for those of you with Japanese ability. The Japanese Association of Translators (JAT) is assembling a list of volunteer interpreters to help in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami disaster. This includes remote interpreting via phone or Skype, etc. See these links for more information:

Volunteer on the Ground

Planning is underway to assign volunteers once official groups can be coordinated. People are urged to stay where they are until official groups are in place. (The strain on limited supplies and infrastructure in the affected areas is already too great and unorganized volunteers would unfortunately cause more of a hindrance rather than a help).

Volunteer information once available will be posted on JetWit as well as on Various groups that you can join have been set up on facebook, such as this one: I am/will be in Japan and want to volunteer in Tohoku

Offer Your Couch

A group has been setup on CouchSurfing where people in Japan can offer their homes as temporary accommodation for those affected by the earthquake. I wonder if there would be a need for hosts in the U.S.? Check here:

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