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Kurosawa and Kobayashi Films at New People – 1/18 & 1/19

A special treat for fans of Kurosawa and Kobayashi. With some of the best performances ever given by those two powerhouses, Mifune and Nakadai. This year, both the JETAANC and San Mateo Kabuki Clubs will be exploring on video one of the major inspirations for these and other jidaigeki films, the epic Kabuki play, The 47 Ronin (Kanadehon Chushingura). The fourth part of the 11-part play in particular features a dramatic treatment of hara-kiri that no doubt influenced Kobayashi. For updates on The 47 Ronin series, please join the Kabuki Club mailing list at

Wednesday, January 18. Harakiri: 1:30, 6:30. Yojimbo: 4:15, 9:15. SF Film Society Cinema

Thursday, January 19. Sanjuro: 2:45, 8:45. Seven Samurai: 5:00. SF Film Society Cinema

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