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Help a JET alum become Teacher of the Year?

Hello Everyone,

I’m a former JET alum from Gifu (99-01) and I’m currently one of the finalists for the Comcast Sports Net Teacher of the Year award. The voting is currently going on now and the winner’s school will get $20,000. I work at a really small high school with only around 170 students and I’m competing with schools with over 1-2000 students. So I have a distinct disadvantage in the online voting system. Any chance I could ask the community to vote and support my school? The $20,000 would be a HUGE help in this time of constant budget cuts.

People can vote 2 times, once online and once by text. You can go to http://www.csnbayarea.com/allstarteacher2012 and vote for me there and you can also vote for me by texting “Teacher B” to 82653. Thanks in advance.

Todd Higashi


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