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Help a JET alum become Teacher of the Year?

Hello Everyone,

I’m a former JET alum from Gifu (99-01) and I’m currently one of the finalists for the Comcast Sports Net Teacher of the Year award. The voting is currently going on now and the winner’s school will get $20,000. I work at a really small high school with only around 170 students and I’m competing with schools with over 1-2000 students. So I have a distinct disadvantage in the online voting system. Any chance I could ask the community to vote and support my school? The $20,000 would be a HUGE help in this time of constant budget cuts.

People can vote 2 times, once online and once by text. You can go to and vote for me there and you can also vote for me by texting “Teacher B” to 82653. Thanks in advance.

Todd Higashi

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