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Extraordinary Art of Noh Paintings by Hideki Noh – 11/6

A ways off, but an event at the beginning of November you or your network may be interested in, featuring Noh paintings, commentary by Noh actor Masayuki Fujii, and a Kyogen performance by Theatre of Yugen. Flyer attached.

Extraordinary Art of Noh Paintings by Hideki Noh – 11/6 Sunday, Nov 6 12:00p

at Yoshi’s Restaurant and Jazz Club, San Francisco, CA

Beautiful paintings depicting various Noh scenes by Hideki Noh and other artists will be on display at Yoshi's San Francisco on November 6 beginning at 12:00 noon and ending at 4 p.m.

Price: $10 – $20

Phone: (650) 994-0149

Website: All are invited to view them. Those who are interested may acquire them by bidding in a silent auction during the event. The proceeds will go toward promoting Japanese classical theatrical art in the US. A part of the proceeds will also go toward helping the survivors of the recent earthquakes and tsunami in Japan.

The program will include commentary on the paintings by Mr. Masayuki Fujii, a Kyogen demonstration by Theatre of Yugen and choral music by the San Francisco Forest Choir.

Hideki Noh was born in 1913 in Kobe, Japan. Publication includes Collected Noh Paintings by Hideki Noh. Some of his works have been on display at World's Fairs. He was the recipient of many national and international awards and an honorary citizen of the U.S. He died in 2007.

Noh is a total theatrical art form, comprised of drama, music and dance, that has been handed down through many generations and been labeled one of the worlds oldest performing arts. The art form and its practitioners have been designated a World Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. Such recognition is given by UNESCO to art forms, cultural practices and expressions of exceptional value.

Mr. Masayuki Fujii is a Noh actor (Hosho School) and instructor and an Intangible Important Cultural Treasure of Japan. He tours all over the world to promote the art by performing, teaching, training and giving lectures to let the people know more about the art of Noh, which is really "the heart of Japanese culture."

The event is sponsored by SF Fuji Miyabi Kai and Theatre of Yugen and special thanks go to the Japanese Consulate General in SF, NPO Infusion, Yasuko Gamo Collection, Yoshi's (Yoshie Akiba), DENTOH, JAL, Yuriko Doi, Taeko Koshikawa, SFFC, and the Hanaoka family for their support.

For more information: E-mail or Call (650) 994-0149

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