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Discount Tickets – Mystical Abyss – 9/27-30

Theatre of Yugen, U.S./Japan Cultural Trade Network and San Francisco International Arts Festival (SFIAF) present the world premiere of Mystical Abyss at ODC Theater (3153 17th St, San Francisco), September 27-30, 2012 as part of SFIAF’s 10th anniversary season.  Mystical Abyss is an original multi-disciplinary theatre work inspired by the creation myths associated with the Japanese Goddesses Amaterasu (the Sun Goddess) and Izanami (Goddess of Creation and Death) and the Iroquois Sky Woman.

Fusing Native American storytelling, dance and music, centuries-old traditional Japanese Noh theatre and contemporary Japanese animation art, Mystical Abyss evokes powerful images of unity and harmony across different generations, cultures and traditions with the cyclical story of death and re-birth. One of the collaborating artists from Japan is Taketo Kobayashi, who will be creating an original Computer Graphics art for the theatrical production. To see his sample works: From “Matsuri”:; From “Mishakuji”:

Mystical Abyss

DATE AND TIME: Thur. Sept. 27, 7 pm (Opening Night); Fri. Sept. 28, 7 pm; Sat. Sept. 29, 3 pm& 7 pm; Sun. Sept. 30, 2 pm

LOCATION: ODC Theater; 3153 17th St, San Francisco

TICKETS: $22-$45 Discount for JET alumni members and family: $35 for the Opening Night; $27 for all other performances for advance purchases.  Enter the code “YUGEN” when prompted.  For senior/students: $25 for the Opening Night; $22 for all other performances.

For more information & purchase tickets online: Box-Office: 415-863-9834; Information: 415-621-0507

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