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Melodies from Japan and AAPI Artists, Final Volume

We are not sponsored by any of the bands mentioned in these posts, and all opinions expressed are of myself, Brian Hsieh!

Cherry blossom season is here, and I’ve been visiting so many parks lately to bask in their pink glory. It’s such a treat to have so many places around the Bay Area where I can just sunbathe under the cute little trees. I hope everyone is also enjoying the springtime!

As the title suggests, this month will be the last blog post. It’s been an entire year since I started, and I’ve really enjoyed rediscovering more Japanese music and genres throughout the months. The concept of this blog was to highlight bands I liked listening to, and frankly, I’ve written about all of my favorites! Rather than scrounge up artists I’m just “okay” about, I’ve decided it’d be better to end it here, and if I ever find another artist I genuinely love, I’ll post again. I hope I’ve been able to bring at least one new band to your playlist.

Now, here’s the final artist I’d like to highlight!

milet (ミレイ)

Image from milet’s Instagram. Her latest EP, Flare

Graciously recommended to me by our own JETAANC President, Melissa, I was really taken aback by how colorful milet's voice is. I previously wrote about how Utada Hikaru and Sheena Ringo were both incredible singers, but honestly, milet might blow them out of the water with how her unique voice just drips with expression and emotion. If you haven’t clicked already, her song Fly High is a jaw-dropping performance. With a recent 2019 debut, she’s still got a lot more room to grow, and I can’t wait to see how her music develops!

Star Points

  • milet wrote the ending song, Flare, for the 2nd part of a recently hot anime, Ranking of Kings, accompanied with an adorable animated video.

  • As proof of her talent, she was invited to perform at the 2020 Olympics Closing Ceremony! If that’s not proof of her talent, I don’t know what is.

  • She spent some time in Canada as a youth, and often sings in English as well!

Check milet out on her YouTube or Spotify. I absolutely love her debut album, Inside You, particularly Again and Again. Take a listen!

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