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Melodies from Japan and AAPI Artists, Vol. 10

We are not sponsored by any of the bands mentioned in these posts, and all opinions expressed are of myself, Brian Hsieh!


“It’s unnecessary for anyone to know who I am. I want the listeners to genuinely enjoy my music.”

Very little is known about this singer, who started off casually making music after their everyday job. Suddenly, they rocketed to stardom with their first single, 春を告げる, or “Announcing Spring”, which is about what kind of thoughts yama has as they laid on their tatami and stared at the ceiling in contemplative moments. Yama has a feminine voice but has never confirmed their gender or pronouns - which really doesn’t matter because they have such a beautiful voice.

Star Points

  • Anime Opening Composer - Composed the ending of the hit 2022 anime Ranking of Kings, accompanied by a very cute music video.

  • Night Music - To me, yama’s songs are sentimental. I don’t understand her words, but they’re the type of song that I would listen to on late nights, alone in my room.

For more information on yama and how they sing to give themselves and others confidence, check out one of the only interviews they’ve had with a Japanese news network. You can listen more on their YouTube Channel.

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