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Alum’s art project opening tonight in Fairfax: Miyagi before and after the quake

Dear Alumni and Friends,

My name is Gabe and I just finished my 2nd year as a JET in Sendai. While there, I produced a long-term photo/interview project documenting a small town in western Miyagi Prefecture. The results, both pre-and-post-earthquake are now being shown at a gallery in Fairfax.

You can see the ad for the show here:

You can also read more about our project on our website:

The show has an Opening Reception tonight, 9/2. I will be speaking at the gallery this coming Tuesday, 9/6. The show itself will be up until the end of the month.

If you could share our info with those who might be interested, we would be very appreciative!

Feel free to email me with more questions, or give me a call at 310-980-2958.

Thanks so much!

Sincerely, Gabe DellaVecchia

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