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About JETAANC Kabuki Club

The JETAANC Kabuki Club is an educational non-profit devoted to furthering the study of Kabuki theatre and other Japanese performing arts. We offer classes focusing on classic performances on film and participate in related events in our area. We also have an active online community. Anyone is welcome to join the Club’s classes and online community; no previous knowledge is necessary!

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Special Projects

In 2012, the JETAANC and San Mateo Kabuki Clubs teamed up to study the original Kabuki and Bunraku versions of The 47 Ronin (Chushingura), one of the most popular Japanese stories of all time. Click here to explore on your own this masterpiece of Japanese theatre!

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The tragic story of Sumidagawa has haunted Japanese and Western artists for centuries. In 2011, JETAANC explored three very different versions of the story on film: Noh theatre (Sumidagawa), Kabuki theatre (Sumidagawa), and chamber opera (Britten’s Curlew River). Click here to explore on your own one of the most haunting tales in world history.

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In Spring 2012, Kabuki Club hosted a special class focusing on the haunting Japanese folk story, The Black Mound (Kurozuka). Click here to explore on your own three different, powerful versions of the story.

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Kabuki Club is a Flavorpill "Editor Pick"!

JETAANC Kabuki Club was recently named an “Editor Pick” in Flavorpill’s cultural guide!:

“Here’s your chance to see one of the finest Kabuki films ever made, free, amongst fans and experts who will gladly fill you in on all the social and historical aspects of the performance.” – Joshua Wyatt, Managing Editor, Flavorpill

Kabuki Club is sponsored by JETAANC, the Oakland Asian Cultural Center, and the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California. Contact us at communications@jetaanc.org.