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The Black Mound Project

Join alumni and friends for a special class focusing on the haunting Japanese folk story, The Black Mound (Kurozuka). The class will explore three different versions of the story:

  • A live Butoh dance created especially for the occasion by Oakland Asian Cultural Center Artist-in-Residence, Judith Kajiwara

  • Medieval Noh dance drama, one of Noh's three famous "female demon" plays

  • Modern Kabuki dance drama, a masterpiece of 20th Century dance

A group of priests on a pilgrimage through the wild moors of Fukushima seeks refuge for the night in the house of a kindly old woman. But are they prepared to learn her horrifying and unholy secret? (Kabuki synopsis; Noh synopsis)

For more about Judith Kajiwara, click here. Don't miss her inspiring performance of new Butoh dance pieces, "Tsunami of Light," on May 19 at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center. For more information, click here.

Sponsored by JETAANC Kabuki Club. Co-sponsored by the Oakland Asian Cultural Center.

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