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2023 Nengajo Postcard Sign-Up

Calling all JETAANC members of Northern California and Nevada! We invite you to join us in continuing our nengajo tradition of sending heartfelt and thoughtful new year's messages to seniors to help brighten their day. Postcards will be sent in the new year to senior members at San Francisco's Kimochi and East Bay’s J-Sei through their meal delivery program.

Writing Postcards for Seniors (sign up by November 19 | mail back by December 26)

  • The person who signs up must be a JETAANC member, but family and children are invited to write messages on the card. Make it a family-fun event!

  • JETAANC members who are teachers can sign up for your students. Make it a fun school assignment for students to practice Japanese!

  • Postcard writers have the option to write 10 postcards or more.

  • JETAANC will mail you blank postcards based on the number you sign up for in mid-November (your mailing address is requested in the sign-up form). Envelope and postage stamps will be included for mailing the completed postcards.

  • Postcards must be mailed back to JETAANC at PO Box 2873, San Francisco, CA 94126 postmarked by December 26, 2022 to provide enough time for us to pick up and deliver the cards in early January.

Postcard Message Criteria

  • The message should be kind and thoughtful.

  • The message must if legible (large print) and handwritten. You are welcome to write in Japanese as well (please also include an English translation)!

  • Please avoid religion and politics; the message should resonate with anyone.

  • The message should be addressed anonymously (they will be handed out randomly by Kimochi and JCCCNC staff to their community members). You are welcome to sign your name!

  • Kimochi and JCCCNC staff will deliver the postcards at the New Year, so the message should be about the New Year.

Donate & Receive Extra Postcards (sign up by November 19 | donate by December 26)

If you are interested in supporting the JETAANC High School Scholarship, we will send you blank postcards for personal use to send to friends and family. If you pledge to donate at least $5, we will send you 5 extra postcards. If you pledge to donate at least $10, we will send you 10 extra postcards. Please pledge your donation by indicating the number of cards you would like to receive in the form.

Donations can be sent by check made out to JETAANC mailed to PO Box 2873, San Francisco, CA 94126 or through Paypal.

If you have any questions, please contact Anna Fung

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