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Starting 2022 with a Celebration of JETAANC Community Talent!

On January 29, 2022, JETAANC hosted our second annual virtual Shinnenkai, Variety Show edition! The lineup included:

  • Alcide G. (Hokkaido 2007-2012) - Stamp-making

  • Amelia K. (Toyama 2016-2020) - Art

  • Amy D. (Toyama 2011-2014) - Harp

  • Amy R. (Gunma 2010-2015) - Japanese Storytelling

  • Grant K. (Nara 2010-2013) - Piano

  • Hanna T. (Saitama 2012-2013) - Violin

  • Philip W. (Nagasaki 2015-2019) - Piano

Attendees were also treated to a special address from Consul General Kawamura from the Consulate of Japan in San Francisco, who also surprised us with a magic show! Although admission was free, the event raised $65 in donations to go towards the JETAANC High School Scholarship.

Thank you to our amazing performers, and to our enthusiastic audience members. It was an energizing start to 2022, and we look forward to many more JETAANC events to come in the new year!

Check out the promo video created by JETAANC Film Appreciation Club Coordinator, Akiyo Horiguchi:

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