JETAANC Leadership

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  • Programs – help manage our yearly events and activities, including social, cultural, and networking events and activities assisting the JET Program

  • Communications – help manage our internal and external communications, including our newsletter, website, and social media

  • Finance – help manage our chapter’s finances, including budgeting, Accounts Payable/Receivable, and fundraising

  • Membership – help us develop and manage our membership using tools such as our Salesforce membership database

  • Information Technology (IT) – help manage our IT infrastructure, including our website and technology tools

  • Community Outreach – help us coordinate with local community groups who share our mission

  • Subchapters – help build our local alumni communities in San Francisco, East Bay, Peninsula/South Bay, and beyond!

  • JETAANC Scholarship – help administer our scholarship for high school students with an interest in Japan

  • 3-11 Tohoku Recovery Assistance – help us continue to aid people in the Tohoku region, who are continuing to rebuild

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Executive Committee

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Executive Committee
Mark Frey

President – Mark Frey is President of JETAANC and Coordinator of the chapter’s active Kabuki Club. On JET, Mark was an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) in a small town located within the ancient crater of the still very active Mt. Aso volcano in Japan’s Kumamoto Prefecture. When he is not volunteering for JETAANC, he enjoys spending time outdoors around the Bay Area.

Christopher Ueda

Vice President / IT Chair – Christopher Ueda is originally from Honolulu, Hawaii. He joined the JET program in 1999 and lived and worked in Oita city, Oita Prefecture for 3 years. He has volunteered as the JETAANC webmaster since 2011. He currently works full time as web developer in San Francisco, CA.

Ellison Weeks

East Bay Subchapter Co-Chair – Ellison Weeks was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He first traveled to Japan as an exchange student to Tokiwa University, located in Mito City, Ibaraki, where he acquired a surprising fondness for natto (fermented soy beans). On JET, he served as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) from 2005 to 2007 in a small yet charming town in southern Kumamoto Prefecture. He has volunteered as an East Bay coordinator since 2013. Ellison is an aspiring foodie and enjoys discovering new restaurants in his adopted home of Oakland and throughout the Bay Area.

Jaclyn “Jackie” Funasaki

Community Outreach Committee Chair – Jaclyn “Jackie” Funasaki is the Community Outreach Committee Chair for JETAANC and has been a member since moving to San Francisco in 2010. She was an ALT in a rural town called Moji in Fukuoka Prefecture from 2006-2008. Jackie currently works for the Consulate General of Japan in Economic Affairs, conducting research on renewable energies, finance/budget, and telecommunications.

Rachel Peters

Oakland- Fukuoka Sister City Association Liaison – Rachel is originally from the PIttsburgh area and joined the JET Program after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh. She taught in Fukuoka-ken from 2004-2007 and was the National Volunteer Coordinator for the Peer Support Group. After JET, Rachel moved to San Francisco and has worked and volunteered in the international exchange industry. She serves as the Corresponding Secretary for the Oakland-Fukuoka Sister City Association and currently works in corporate HR.

Linda Valente

Communications Co-Chair, Newsletter Editor – Linda Valente is a native of San Francisco who joined the JET program in 2000. During her three years with JET, Linda enjoyed team-teaching at Mizusawa High School in Iwate Prefecture while developing a habit for snow-boarding. She worked in the travel document industry and in animal welfare before joining the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, where she currently serves as the group coordinator in Philanthropy and Public Affairs.