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Kabuki in Monterey – 9/18

You might want to check out this rare live Kabuki performance in Monterey@

Led by Nakamura Gankyo, the U.S. Kabuki Ken Kyu Kai will present the 5th anniversary “Kyo no Kai: Clash of the Thunder” on September 18, at 1:00 pm at the California State University Monterey Bay’s World Theater, 100 Campus Center, Seaside, CA 93955.

Tickets are $30 for general public, and are available at CSUMB World Theater Box Office, on the web at, and by phone (310) 853-2518.

“Kyo No Kai: Clash of the Thunder” is a production of various Kabuki dance dramas. This production will feature American born Kabuki actor Nakamura Gankyo, along with guest artists from Japan, Kabuki actor Bando Yahiro, Japanese classical dance artist Fujima Toyohiro, and Bando Ai.

Together with Nakamura Gankyo, Bando Yahiro will be featured in Kabuki dance drama, Kaminari Sendo, or “The Thunder Sprits and the Boatman.” This is a comical Kabuki dance drama that is rarely performed in Japan. The dance depicts that the Thunder Spirit has fallen to Earth and has an interesting encounter with a drunken boatman.

Bando Hirohichiro and Fujima Toyohiro will perform Katsusaburo Renjishi, or “the Tale of Two Lions,” andNinoguchi Mura, the plight of two lovers. Bando Ai will perform Sukeroku: The Flower of Edo.

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