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Bay Area Job Opportunities – Tomodachi Project

Some great JET-like job opportunities in the Bay Area, brought to us by local JET alumna Rachel Peters, who works for the respected Ayusa organization:

Hello JET Alumni,

I’m a member of the JET alumni network and wanted to let you know about a summer leadership program that my organization is administering this summer. This program is designed to provide Japanese high school students from the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami with an intensive three week program focusing on global leadership development and community service and will take place at the University of California, Berkeley.

I’ve attached a PDF that explains the Tomodachi program, and the specific leadership program is described in more detail here:

We are hiring for several positions that I think the JET community in the Bay Area would be interested in applying for, or may know others who would be a good fit. I’m attaching several job descriptions that I’m hoping you can help me circulate throughout the JET Alumni network.

The jobs break down into two main categories:

· The first category are on-campus staff at UC Berkeley this summer and include the RA, Camp Director and Assistant Camp Director positions. We are looking to hire more than one person for all of those positions.

· The second category deals with the homestay component of the program. The students will be living on campus at UC for most of the program, however, they will spend one weekend with host families in the Northern California area. The Homestay Manager and Homestay Coordinator positions deal specifically with that component.

These are all contract positions and we’re looking to hire ASAP.

Thanks so much!


Rachel Peters || Manager Partner and Participant Services

600 California Street, 10th Floor San Francisco, CA 94108 Direct: 415.434.5562 Main: 1.800.727.4540 Email: Website:

Tomodachi_RA_Job_Description.pdf Download this file

Tomodachi Camp Director.pdf Download this file

Tomodachi_Camp_Assistant_Director.pdf Download this file

Homestay Manager posting on letterhead.pdf Download this file

Homestay Coordinator Posting on letterhead.pdf Download this file

What is TOMODACHI.pdf Download this file

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