JETAANC Trivia Game

As a resource for all JETAA chapters in the U.S. (and Canada!), JETAANC created a trivia night slide deck in spring 2018 as a way to bring alumni and friends together for a night of fun. Our chapter wanted to share the slides with other JET alumni event organizers in case you would like to use the deck or modify it / add new slides! (For more details about the game, see the bottom of this page.)


  • Length: This game took us about 2 hours to play (with some breaks for refreshing drinks/snacks).
  • Staffing: You will need a trivia host who reads the questions and advances the slides, and ideally, a scorekeeper who helps the trivia host.
  • Players: We found this game worked very well with teams of 3-4 people.
  • Technical equipment: You need a laptop, projector, projection screen/surface, and possibly a microphone/sound system if the size of your event space requires it. The scorekeeper can also be a timekeeper and use a mobile phone’s stopwatch function to limit answer time.
  • Other materials: We found that giving each time a mini whiteboard and dry-erase markers and paper towel (to use as an eraser) made this game interactive and a lot of fun. The scorekeeper also got a whiteboard to track the points so everyone could see their standing.
  • The Golden Rules: The trivia MC has final authority over answers. No smartphones or looking up answers allowed!
  • Gameplay:
    • Host reads the questions and usually decides how much time players have to think of their answers.
    • Teams consult their members and write their final answer on the whiteboards.
    • When time is up, host  calls “markers down” and teams hold up whiteboard showing answer.
    • Host determines validity of answers and team scores, with assistance of the scorekeeper.
  • Prizes: If the host has a bag of Dum-Dum lollipops and a bunch of Smarties candy (Halloween/fun size is perfect), you can use these as awards for great or terrible answers! Our prize was a mini bottle of champagne and $5 Starbucks gift cards for the winning team members, and the team with the least points received mini bouquets of Dum-Dum lollipops. (We also bought a couple boxes of Nerds candy for the team that took the game the most seriously!) Expensive prizes aren’t necessary for a fun night!


  • View the deck (with answer slides included) as a Google Slides file (from Google Drive)


If you have any trouble with the files or have questions/suggestions, contact


The design of the question deck has a few specific aims: first, our chapter wanted to bring together both older and younger alumni, as well as high-level or native Japanese speakers with those who are not as familiar with the Japanese language.

We also wanted a game that had special meaning to JET alumni. In this case, we focused largely on questions that have to do with Japanese culture (popular or traditional), Olympics (in preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics).

A few additional questions are meant to challenge players or allow even people who haven’t spent a lot of time in Japan to make educated guesses, or put knowledge learned from TV, movies, or anime to good use.  We also wanted to have some fun questions that used pictures and emoji, since these can be a lot of fun for people who are more visually oriented.

Technology-wise, we wanted a deck that didn’t have any fancy fonts or special effects that might cause problems with different computer operating systems, and which (usually) had large enough text to read from around a room. We didn’t use any sound or video files that might be too challenging or not appropriate for certain event spaces. (However, if you want to design a “name that tune” game of Japanese music, we’d love to try it!)

The main questions were designed by JETAANC president Jenn Murawski with feedback from chapter members and game testers. We wanted to keep the deck secret from the maximum number of chapter officers/members so that more people could take part without being cheaters! Thanks also to JETAANC board member Ryan Moore for being our first trivia host, and Melissa Chan as our scorekeeper, and Anna Fung, Sasha Redkina, and Dustin Wang for help making the game possible.