Arisa Takahashi
Board of Directors

Arisa was a one-shot ALT with the Nara Prefecture Board of Education from 1991 to 1992, at over a dozen junior high schools. From 1992-
1994, she served as a CIR with the Nara International Foundation Commemorating the Silk Road Exposition (NIFS). Since returning, she has served as JETAANC’s treasurer, on JET interview panels, and as a speech contest judge.

Arisa is a resource to alumni for:

– Accounting and financial reporting
– Non-profit reporting compliance

Arisa is a CPA currently employed by Robert Half Management Resources. She is placed in companies that need senior-level accounting, finance and business systems professionals on an interim basis.

Ryan Moore
Scholarship Coordinator

Ryan served the Chubu Education Office, in Kochi Prefecture as a one-shot ALT from 1997-2000. His service area included 40 schools, both elementary and junior high. Upon returning, he has served as an interviewer for the JET program and was also JETAANC’s newsletter editor for two years. Ryan coordinates the JETAANC High School Scholarship program.

Ryan is a resource to alumni for:

– Education-related topics

After teaching 5th grade for 14 years at Longfellow Elementary School in San Francisco, Ryan has recently changed grades to work with kindergartners.

Lauren Nakasato
Board of Directors

Lauren was an ALT in Okayama Prefecture from 2006-2008. She served at two prefectural high schools and one prefectural special needs school. After returning to California, Lauren served a one-year term on the Executive Committee while planning and attending numerous JETAANC events.

Lauren is a resource to alumni for:
– Policy review and planning
– Community Relations

Lauren’s post-JET work includes a 4-year stint in Osaka as the director of a study abroad program for United States students as well as a recent post as Liaison Officer for the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science here in San Francisco.

Johanna Wee
Board of Directors

Johanna was an ALT in Haibara, Nara Prefecture from 2000-2003, working in the city’s junior high and elementary schools. In addition, she conducted English classes for adults at the community center. Johanna served as a JET interviewer from 2006-2007 and has volunteered at several JETAANC sponsored events.

Johanna is a resource to alumni for:
– Web design and development
– Marketing communication collateral

Johanna is currently the Sales and Marketing Manager of the Stanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education at Stanford University.

Gary Mukai
Board of Directors

Gary taught English in Japan from 1977-1980. This experience pre-dated the establishment of the JET Program in 1987. Gary continues to maintain strong ties with the community members that he served back in Japan. Gary often acts as a chapter and national liaison for the JET Program and JET alumni-related causes.

Gary is a resource to alumni for:

– Grants and foundation partnerships
– Careers in the field of education

Gary is the director of the Stanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education at Stanford University.