JETAANC Kabuki Theatre on Film: “Shunkan” – 7/21 – JCCCNC

indexInterested in Kabuki theatre? On Sunday, July 21, join alumni and friends at JCCCNC for a special class focusing on a video of the classic Kabuki drama, “Shunkan.” Taking its theme from “Tale of Heike,” the play features an all-star cast in one of Kabuki’s most famous tragedies.

Shunkan, Naritsune and Yasuyori have been exiled to Devil’s Island for plotting against the Heike leader Kiyomori. After three years, two envoys from Kiyomori arrive by ship to announce a pardon–but only for Naritsune and Yasuyori. Will Shunkan have to spend the remainder of his days on this lonely, god-forsaken island? (synopsis)

In Japanese with English translation. Class is free and open to the public. All ages welcome!

To register or for more details, visit:

Presented by JETAANC Kabuki Club. Co-sponsored by Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California.