JETAANC Kabuki Theater on Film: “The Heron Maiden” and “The Mandarin Ducks” – 6/30

heronJoin alumni and friends on June 30 for a special class at Oakland Asian Cultural Center focusing on two classic Kabuki dance dramas that portray birds, “The Heron Maiden” (Sagi Musume) and “The Mandarin Ducks” (Oshidori).A dance of breathtaking beauty, “The Heron Maiden” portrays the spirit of a heron that assumes the form of a young woman, only to fall in love with a man who does not return her feelings. The story slowly darkens and eventually concludes in elegantly wrought tragedy. Highlights of the dance include five spectacular “quick” costume changes before our eyes. (synopsis)

In “The Mandarin Ducks,” the famous sumo wrestler Sukeyasu must defeat his opponent Kagehisa to win a sumo match…and the hand of the beautiful courtesan, Kisegawa. Enraged, Kagehisa attempts revenge against the couple, who have now mysteriously transformed into a pair of Mandarin ducks, the ancient symbol of marital fidelity. (synopsis)

In Japanese with English translation. Class is free and open to the public. All ages welcome!

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Presented by JETAANC Kabuki Club. Co-sponsored by Oakland Asian Cultural Center (OACC).