Kabuki on Film: The 47 Ronin – “The Loyalty of Gihei” and “Attack on Morono’s Mansion” – 11/18

Join alumni and friends on Sunday, November 18, as we explore on film the Bunraku drama, “The Loyalty of Gihei,” and the Kabuki drama, “The Attack on Morono’s Mansion,” the dramatic concluding acts of “The 47 Ronin,” one of the most popular samurai revenge tales of all time! No need to have seen prior acts; these dramas are each a self-contained story! In Japanese with English subtitles.

Is the merchant Gihei willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to support the 47 Ronin in their vendetta? Can the 47 themselves see the vendetta through to the bitter end?

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Sponsored by JETAANC Kabuki Club, JCCCNC, and SMJACC Kabuki Club.