JETAANC Kabuki on Film: The 47 Ronin – “Enya Hangan’s Harakiri” – 5/27

Join us for the Kabuki drama, “Enya Hangan’s Harakiri,” a famous act from The 47 Ronin, one of the most popular samurai revenge tales of all time! No need to have seen prior acts; this drama is a self-contained story! For details, click here to go to the event website.

Forty-seven samurai. One epic vendetta.

The evil Lord Morono goaded the noble Lord Hangan into committing a crime punishable by death. Now Hangan must commit the ritual suicide of harakiri to atone for it. Will his 47 loyal retainers stand by and watch him die? Or will they do everything they can to save him? (synopsis)

Made into more than 90 film versions—including one coming out next year with Keanu Reeves—the epic story of The 47 Ronin (Chushingura) is one of the most popular Japanese stories of all time. (synopsis) Join us as we explore on film the Kabuki saga that started it all. Each act stands alone as a self-contained story while advancing the overall saga, so study the whole epic or choose only the parts you like! In Japanese with English subtitles.

The class is part of The 47 Ronin Project, a year-long exploration of the original Kabuki theatre version of the popular samurai revenge tale on film. The JETAANC and San Mateo Kabuki Clubs are teaming up to bring you a series of classes focusing on two different celebrated productions of the complete epic. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to study this masterpiece of Japanese theatre! Click here for details.

Related Links and Resources. The popular story of  the 47 Ronin was based on a true story about 47 samurai who avenged their master under similar circumstances, known as the “Ako Incident.” Click here to explore the story and the history that inspired it on the 47 Ronin Links and Resources page.

What is Kabuki theatre? Click here for a good introduction.

Sponsored by JETAANC Kabuki Club, JCCCNC, and SMJACC Kabuki Club.