“The 47 Ronin: The Bridegroom’s Journey” – Kabuki dance drama on film – 6/3

Join the JETAANC Kabuki Club this Sunday as we study on film the beloved Kabuki dance drama, “The 47 Ronin: The Bridegroom’s Journey.” 

The lovers Kampei and Okaru are busy having a secret rendezvous at the exact moment that Kampei’s lord needs him most. How can he ever make up for his mistake?This bitter-sweet dance drama, at turns moving and comical, is one of the most beautiful and colorful in the Kabuki repertoire. 

The story is self-contained and so don’t worry if you haven’t seen other parts of The 47 Ronin–just come out and explore a wonderful performance! 

Details are here: http://www.jetaanc.org/47Ronin 

Sponsored by the San Mateo Kabuki Club.