Japanese Puppet Play (“Sambaso”) and Kabuki (“The Arrowhead”) on Film – San Mateo, 1/2

In celebration of the New Year, the San Mateo Kabuki Club (Kabuki Kai) is screening a puppet play, "The Hachioji Wheel-Puppet Sambaso" (Hachioji Kuruma Ningyo

Sambaso) and a Kabuki play, "The Arrowhead" (Yanone) this Monday, January 2, at 1:30pm. This novel version of the auspicious Sambaso dance is performed with the famous wheel puppets from the Hachioji suburb of Tokyo. The short and bombastic "Arrowhead" is one of the Eighteen Greatest Kabuki Plays and a classic Soga brothers tale for good fortune in the New Year (synopsis).

The videos will be shown in Japanese, with introductions and synopses provided in English. Location is the San Mateo Japanese American Community Center, 415 S. Claremont Street, San Mateo, CA (near the San Mateo Caltrain station). For more information, please contact Mika (650) 341-6849 (Japanese) or Yoko (650) 341-5872 (English).

The San Mateo Kabuki Kai is unique in the U.S. (and perhaps the world) in its sheer dedication to Kabuki, having screened a Kabuki video once a month for over a decade. The group screens a Kabuki performance the first Sunday of every month at 1:30pm at the San Mateo Japanese American Community Center (the January 2 meeting is the exception this year because of the New Year holiday). To receive announcements of upcoming screenings, subscribe to the Kabuki mailing list at http://www.jetaanc.org/kabuki