Yoshi’s ‘Flip Side’ – A day of Japanese culture – 10/1

Yoshie Akiba, of Yoshi’s Jazz Club fame, has organized a full day of Japanese culture. on October 1. See the below info, flyer attached.According to my friend, who is the MC, “the Noh master was just at the Asian – his name is Masayuku Fujii, from the Hosho school.  I saw a tape of his Asian Art museum appearance on the web, and he’s great. Shozo Sato, who is a remarkable Japanese Renaissance man (shodo, ikebana, Kabuki, and tea master), is famous for his ikebana survey book, and has a wonderful compound in Fort Bragg. He’ll be demonstrating shodo in the morning. What I love about him most is that he’s done productions on Navy Pier of Kabuki Macbeth! He’s an amazing person.”

A Day of Traditional and Contemporary Japanese Culture and Arts Presented by Yoshi’s SF

October 1, 2011
10 a.m.-4 p.m.



The Flip side of Yoshi’s is an interesting cultural event. You can experience Japanese culture such as the Tea Ceremonies, Flower Arrangement, Origami, Calligraphy, Noh Performance, Rodoku: Poetic Reading and more. This wonderful cultural event for all ages, from children to seniors.


Yoshi’s Japanese Restaurant and Jazz Club founder, Yoshie Akiba has spent her life engaged in the artistic practices of both her homeland and her adopted country. As a wife of Zen master, Rev. Gengo Akiba, of Kojin-An Zendo, Yoshie hosts classes in Japanese tea ceremony, and calligraphy, and encourages her students to school themselves in all of the classical Japanese arts and dancing.


One day each year, Yoshi opens up her restaurant to expand this encouragement to the general public.  Instructors will be available for people to come try their hand at one or more Japanese traditional arts from 10:00 am-12:30pm, then after a light lunch, 1:30pm to 4:30pm, a variety of artists will perform their art forms live.

Featuring instruction in:
Sumie Brush Painting
Japanese Calligraphy
Chabana – flower arrangement
Japanese Tea Ceremony


Numerous live performances including;
Noh dancing
Yoshi’s Spiritual Contemporary Dance
Koto Ensemble
Rodoku Poetic Reading
Japanese songs perform by Choir and more!