Rare Chance to See Kabuki Music in Oakland – 8/19 & 8/21

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We have an extremely rare chance to see professional Japanese musicians perform classical Japanese music (hogaku) in Oakland next weekend.


Saburo Mochizuki, who performs at the Kabuki-za and National Performing Arts Theater, is leading the group. Their program includes some nagauta–one of the greatest genres of Kabuki music–including Kagami-Jishi (The Mirror Lion Dance). 

Saburo Mochizuki and his colleagues will be in town for the North American Taiko Conference at Stanford next weekend, which some of you might also be interested in: http://www.taikoconference.org/ 

I’m attaching the flyer for the event, please pass on to all who might be interested. You can reserve tickets by calling 408-315-4229 or emailing kabukimusic2011@yahoo.com (nihongo ok for both!). 

Friday, August 19, 8pm
Sunday, August 21, 3pm
Event website: http://events.sfgate.com/oakland-ca/events/show/200414885-art-of-kabuki-music